Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sleepy Hollow: Movie vs. Book

Sleepy Hollow has two sides; one seen in a book and the other seen in a movie.  The book, which is the original story, takes a more comical approach to the story of Ichabod Crane, the protagonist.  In the book the characters have a more in depth introduction, showing us the maturity of the characters at the end of the book.  The movie however, takes a more gothic and serious approach to the story.  In the movie, there are gothic elements everywhere.  There are almost no bright colors, and the music is very eerie and spooky; however, the plot isn't explained as much as it is in the book.
In all, I like the film much better.  I think the gothic elements incorporated into the film were a great addition, and that it helps further the suspense and scares of the movie; after all, it is a story about a headless horseman.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Digital vs. Print

Digital vs. Print. Personally, mostly because I use my computer for almost everything, I would have everything school related, books and assignments, be read and done digitally.  Having everything on a computer or iDevice helps me be more organized with my work.  On my computer I put all my work in a folder on my desktop, which makes it much easier for me to access than a binder.  Also, Apple's iPad and Amazon's kindle allow people to download books and read them on a tablet device, rather than go to a bookstore and buy the actual paperback.  I find this to be very helpful because it lets you complete your work much faster by eliminating a trip to the bookstore. Also, as Dustin said in his essay, it saves paper, so as well as being helpful with organization, it also helps our environment by saving trees.  I believe taking advantage of today's technology is essential, mainly because the technology we have today can help students, like me, be more organized.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Remarks on the Savage

            Ben Franklin’s, “Remarks on the Savages,” really showed the value and class differences between the Indians and the English.  The Indians lived in the woods, and relied on strength and the ability to live off the land in order to survive, while the English had their big schools and big cities in which they would survive.  His words against the Indian's lifestyle didn’t surprise me much.  The fact that the English believed that their way of life was better and more modern than the Indians came to me with no surprise at all.  However, it did somewhat inspire me to want to step up against the English and say no, your way of life is not better, it is equal.  Both civilizations survive, in different ways, but no one way is better if they result in the same thing.  However, the reality is that, the more technologically advanced nation is always going to think their way of life is better than anyone else’s whose technology is inferior.